Infinite Possibilities


Infinite Possibilities

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

Norman Vincent Peale

About Me

Hi, my name is Cello Baca. I live in Southern California, USA. I am an Information Technology Specialist helping everybody around the world. I like to sail my boat into the Pacific Ocean with my family especially with  my daughter and go ride bikes on the beach. I also like to drink a good coffee and oil painting .


Web Design

You should expect your website  to look great, and at the same time the performance should be great, giving you the features that you need. When you work with our talented team our dedicated web experts, you can expect just that “The best of the best”.


Our Photorealism and 3D animations captures the perfect and beautiful moments that should be kept as meaningful memories. The unique perfection that can’t be recreated is now able to be kept as art. The perfect colors and lighting that could last seconds are once in a life time opportunities that are taken by a camera.

Picture Frames

A frame, keeps the canvas or picture perfect and protected.  The prefect wood holds and secures the picture and special art from getting easily ruined and worn out. Our unique and homemade frames are just right for any size and picture or color. Perfect for any room and can go well with room décor. Our frames perfect to fit your needs.

ghost ship made with Blender



San Diego, USA